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Duration of games for CTTFA matches:

Premier League and Promotion leagues 2 equal halves of 45 minutes

Other senior leagues 2 equal halves of 40 minutes

Ladies leagues 2 equal halves of 40 minutes

Under 18, 2 equal halves of 40 minutes

Under 16, 2 equal halves of 40 minutes

Under 15, 2 equal halves of 35 minutes

Under 14, 2 equal halves of 35 minutes

Under 13,  2 equal halves of  30 minutes

Under 12, 2 equal halves of 30 minutes

Under 11, 2 equal halves of 20 minutes

Under 10, 2 equal halves of  20 minutes

Under 7, under 8, under 9, 3 equal halves of 10 minutes,

Do you need help, do you have a question, or a concern you would like addressed. Please speak to the following people to assist you:-

For Juniors,

Your first contact should be your team coach, click here for junior coaches contact details.

Should you need to pursue a question or concern further please speak to our Junior Chairmen, Graham Crowe (U12 – U18) or Sean Kriegler (U7 – U11)

For Seniors

Your first contact should be your team coach, click here for senior coaches contact details.

Should you need to pursue a question or concern further please speak to our Club Captain, Fergil Hannie.

For any escalation, Juniors or Seniors,  you can contact the Vice Chairman, Peter Holgate, or the Chairman, Paul Maggott.

U/7 & U/9 Rules for Competition.

5 V 5 Football U7 to U9


Each team to have a MAXIMUM of EIGHT (8) players

1. Every player must be registered for the current season (NO CARD NO PLAY), reason being for Insurance purposes and age cheating.

2. Each team must field one (1) goalkeeper and four (4) field players at any given time.

3. Unlimited ROVING substitutions may be made during breaks or play stoppages. Players may be brought on and off the field multiple times throughout a game.

4. The match will consist of three (3) periods of TEN (10) minutes. Each with a TWO (2) minute interval between periods.

5. A different player MUST play in goal in each interval, and no player should play in goal for more than one period. The buy-in of coaches is requested, as it’s important that a player is not pigeon-holed as a goal-keeper before U10. Referees to check the goalkeeper at the start of each period.

6. Every player must play a minimum of one (1) full period per game

7. Start the game in the middle of the field and when a goal is scored.

8. Where the ball goes out, kick-ins will take place, and the ball must be passed to another player – no shooting from kick-ins. Opposition players must at least be 3meters away from the kick-in to allow play to restart, to allow the ball to be passed successfully to a teammate. The team taking the kick-in may be as

close to the kick-in as they like.

9. A penalty awarded within the goal area shall be taken 6meters from the goal line.

10. A goalkeeper can only throw the ball back into play. Opposing players must retreat 5meters from the goalkeeper to allow play to restart. His teammate may receive the ball within that 5meter area.

11. The goalkeeper can play as a sweeper as well.

12. No off-side rule in the game, but players must be made aware of the off-side rule to avoid camping in front of the opponents’s goal.

13. Full corners – opponents to be three (3) meters away. No goals can be scored directly from any free-kick.

14. Coaches and managers NOT ALLOWED on the field of play.

15. Only the referee is allowed on the field of play.

Monday and Wednesday : 6pm – 7pm : Under 7 to Under 11

Tuesday and Thursday : 6pm – 7pm : Under 12 to Under 18

For all Registration information, Click on Registration 2020 off the Top Menu

For direct deposits, use the following Bank Account,

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Tyger Manor
Branch code: 050410
Account: 071983651

For proof of payment for registrations, please present the receipt at time of registering.

Durbanville FC welcomes new members, both junior and senior. As the club has grown, constraints have been applied to the volume of players and teams we can accommodate given the limited playing fields available, however all efforts are made to accommodate those wanting to play the beautiful game, be they of first or lower team standard.

Pre-season training typically starts in mid to end January for seniors with Junior football kicking off in late February/early March, the league fixtures from April through to September, with junior football having a 3 week break during the July school holidays.

Juniors start at under 7 age group through to under 18 age group while the seniors section typically has from the First team to Sixth team with veteran teams also in play (over 35, over 40 and over 45). The club has furthermore fielded a ladies team, this varies from season to season pending the demand.

Should you wish to join, you can contact the Club Manager, Club Captain, or the Junior or Senior Chairman (as appropriate) who will assist you. The contacts for these office bearers are accessible from this website, under the Committee link.

For new season preparations, you can monitor the website in January / February which will be updated with information on training dates, times and venues for both juniors and seniors.

For details regarding the 2020 season, Click on Registration 2020 off the top menu.

All subs includes the player registration fee to the Cape Town Tygerberg Football Association.

FAQ stand for Frequently Asked Questions. In this section you will see a list of commonly asked questions along with the answers to them. If there are any questions that you would like answered and posted here, please submit the content from the site, or get in touch with us via the Contact Us page

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