Football resumption – A message from the Chairman

A happy footballing day to all within our DFC family. 

While it may have seemed to have taken forever, we have been given the green light by SAFA to resume amateur football at Durbanville. This is extremely good news for those who want to display their prowess on the field as well as for Mommies and Daddies who will be able to relax with a drink at our Pub while watching the action.  

Covid-19 protocols will of course remain in place and we, the committee and our members,  need to work as a team to ensure we adhere to these.  They are, as you know, non-negotiable and will be enforced, failing which we jeopardise the ability for the club to remain open.  We will publish the protocols on the Website no later than 20 October and our request is that you familiarise yourself with these requirements to protect yourselves, fellow members and guests. 

We have advised the City of Cape Town of our intention to resume with football at Durbanville as from the end of October 2020. More detailed correspondence from Sean Passman will follow outlining the schedule of events, dates and times, as well as the footballing procedures to be followed.  

We realise that many have paid their subs in full for the 2020 season. Summer Football is an attempt to experience at least some football to this extremely difficult period in all our lives. We are also exploring options regarding a rebate percentage for the 2021 season for those who have paid subs in full.  There is of course a non refundable portion of the subs which will not be part of any 2021 rebate.  

I am sure that the bring football back, even though abbreviated, will bring about some smiles and happiness. We do however need to remember those who have lost loved ones, lost jobs and also taken a forced reduction in salaries. For them the pain is prolonged and we stand in continued solidarity with them all. 

Assist your neighbour. Buy locally. Continue to lend a hand to those less fortunate. Our differences are unique yet our similarities are endless.  

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during this traumatic Covid 19 period.  

Stay safe, stay focussed and ensure that your wash your hands regularly. 

 Paul Maggott  

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