A September message from the Chairman

A warm hello again to all players, coaches, parents and grandparents of the Durbanville Football Club Family.

As we pass day 160 of the lockdown caused by the impact of the Coronavirus we can certainly reflect on how our lives have changed over the past 23 weeks. Fortunately, simple pleasures like going for a walk on the beach, going over to friends for a social, having family gatherings, have returned. Whilst we are all overjoyed with the easing of the restrictions, let us not be caught off guard and relax our awareness with respect to the Covid-19 precautions still needing to be in place. The good times in life will return in the not too distant future, initially no doubt with the required safety interventions.

Football in the Western Cape, especially regulated amateur football, will in likelihood not return for the 2020 season. SAFA Cape Town have advised that amateur football, in all forms eg training, matches, friendlies and tournaments will not be allowed until such time as the Covid-19 regulations are eased to Level 1.  Given these realities as we head to mid-end September, the normal end of the season, and while there might be some football still in 2020, it makes sense to start focusing on how the 2021 season could take shape.

As we reach 2021, hopefully football will return, however the initial new normal, in terms of the processes to be followed when arriving for training or matches at the Club, will be intense but very necessary. These processes are still being streamlined and will evolve over the next few months, but a basic guideline would be that ALL players and parents will need to enter via a single access point at the Club for sanitising, temperature checking, registering, etc.  We will share more detailed information closer to the time.

Prior to actual football, the Club is currently aligning processes to meet the protocols necessary to open the pub to members and guests. The regulations to achieve this are stringent but given the devastating effects of the virus,  they are absolutely necessary. Some Clubs have already opened their doors to their pubs and as we follow them,  we will ensure complete compliance with the protocols required.

Although it would appear, notwithstanding a potential 2nd wave, that South Africa has passed the peak in terms of infection rates, the effects over the last 23 weeks remain embedded. Some have lost family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Some have lost businesses, others have lost their jobs, some have had their remuneration reduced. It is truly a time to be reminded and cognisant of the devastating effect the virus has had on families in some way or another.

Now is the time to stand together. Now is the time to assist where you can. Now is the time to buy and support local businesses.

Continue to follow good hygiene standards, including regular hand-washing and the practising of social distancing and very importantly…….. Continue to have HOPE….. for some it is all they have !

Please keep Safe and I hope to see you at DFC in the not too distant future.

Paul Maggott

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