Training during lockdown – A message from the CTTFA

We are aware of some clubs who have taken the initiative to begin training or utilize alternative
facilities to begin training. While we appreciate that this has probably taken a lot of time, energy and
effort, we must also place our Association’s stance on the record given the increased queries we have
been receiving.

We want to reiterate the stance of CTTFA and SAFA Cape Town in that any club who contravenes
the stance of SAFA National and Government’s Sport & Recreation Minister jeopardizes the entire
“Back to Football” protocol and planning currently taking place between the relevant departments and
therefore stands to bring the Association and/or SAFA Cape Town into disrepute – as we have been
informed by SAFA already in previous communication. This also applies to clubs and coaches who
may be using the return of Five-A-Side and private coaching as a guise for a return-to-play
opportunity for their clubs.

Business entities which fall outside our mandate, such as Five-A-Side courts and private soccer
training, are opening their doors again and are doing so with no authorization from government as
gyms and public facilities (such as our soccer clubs) remain closed with no sign of an imminent return.

We must also emphasize the fact that many parents are concerned about sending their children to
school and the risks associated with that have already been identified and widely contended;
therefore we would also take this opportunity to caution against any form of return to contact sport
outside the mandate of Government or SAFA National.

A final reminder that no registered football will be covered under the standard SAFA insurance during
this period should he/she contract any injury (or other) during the current lockdown levels while
football is indefinitely suspended.

We are all in this together and we are all desperate to get some football underway as soon as we can.
We appreciate everyone’s patience at this time and reinforce the fact that we need to wait for
guidance from SAFA Cape Town before we may commence any form of organized football.

CTTFA Management Committee

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