Black Lives Matter – A message from the Chairman

The recent Facebook post by a senior member of the CTTFA was not becoming of anyone within the football fraternity, let alone someone in his position. It smacks of racism which cannot be condoned. We trust appropriate steps will be taken to deal with this situation as well as to provide the necessary procedures so that future such incidents will be avoided.

Durbanville Football Club is supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and have always been aligned to an environment, both on a footballing and non-footballing platform, that is non racist. More explanatory information on the Black Lives Matter movement could also go a long way to improve the general public’s understanding of the movement. It does not wish to make White Lives any less important.

Durbanville Football Club is privileged to have facilities and members which have created a football family made up of all races, many religions and across the spectrum of income earners. Football has the ability to forge friendships, transverse barriers, assist to uplift communities and provide a healthy sporting alternative. That’s where the focus should be.

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