Covid-19 and Subscriptions update

Good day to all the Durbanville Football Club Family.

The softening of the lock down to Level 3 has provided some respite for many of our members as they are now able to resume activities to provide for their families. Others, in various other industries, are still prohibited from working and the toll on their ability to earn is evident. Our government’s efforts, by way of monetary assistance is admirable, but like most relief schemes does not filter to all that require assistance.

This pandemic is wreaking havoc across all spheres of business not only in South Africa but across the world. I do believe that everything happens for a reason but at this time we cannot seem to fathom out any good reason for this virus. For those of us that are able to extend a helping hand to others facing a very difficult and challenging period, please do not hesitate to do so. The realities you find yourselves in could easily be reversed. The assistance need not always be monetary, sometimes an open ear to listen, to console and to advise is all that is required. Let us accept the challenge and move ahead together.

On the footballing front we have all seen the discussions taking place and decisions concerning football in South Africa. The chances of amateur football being played this season is highly unlikely. In this context many of you will be asking questions regarding subscriptions paid and what happens to them.

Our Treasurer has done a detailed analysis of our 2020 finances, which was followed up with discussions held by the Executive Committee.  Our Club, like many other businesses, has lost the ability to “earn” revenue to supplement membership subscriptions.  While our bar, a mainstay of income in addition to subscriptions has been inactive for the past 10 weeks, we still face the reality of normal (fixed) running expenses such as municipal accounts, insurance, internet and salaries (albeit scaled down) for our Club Manager and Groundsman .

In effect, our members subscriptions by and large cover our fixed running expenses, with in-season revenue like bar and other fund-raising activities providing the ability to invest in the club.  As such, and given the uncertainty through to end 2020, we are not able to offer any subscription refunds at this time. We will however explore the possibility of offering a discount for next season to those who have made subscription payments for the 2020 season. Whether feasible or not will really depend on what happens for the balance of this year.

Please bear with us during this “Not Ordinary” period and be assured of our full transparency in sharing the financials at our Annual General Meeting, typically in October and I want to thank you in advance for your understanding.

It is anticipated that the virus will peak over the next few weeks. It is therefore imperative that you take all precautions to defeat the Covid-19 virus. Our families and friends remain our most precious assets. Wash hands regularly, practice social distancing and maintain good hygiene.


Paul Maggott

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