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The Junior parents' meetings have been postponed until Wednesday 1 March and on Thursday 2 March 2017. Times remain from 18h15 until 18h45. Parents will have until Friday 3 March 2017 to make payments as well as provide the Cemis numbers as per the Registration form for the 2017 season. Should this not be forthcoming we will unfortunately begin to accept Registrations from players currently on the waiting list. Players not Registered will no longer be able to continue with training. Should you experience difficulty in making payment please liaise with our Registrations Officer, Karin Ward, who is in attendance at the Club from Monday to Thursdays from 18h00 until 19h30.

Junior Age Groups - 2017 Season

The CTTFA have advised that the age groups for Juniors for the 2017 season will be as follows:

Under 7, under 8, under 9, under 10, under 11. Training for these age groups will be on a Monday and Wednesday. First training day is Monday 13 February 2017.

Under 12, under 13, under 14, under 15, under 16 and under 18. Training for these age groups will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. First training day is Thursday 16 February 2017.

Under 17 age group falls away. 


Life Member finds New Home in Aussie

It is with a heavy heart that I write this article. John Hunt, a current Life Member at Durbanville Football Club will be relocating to Sydney, Australia on Sunday 12 February 2017. John has been a very active member of the Club for more than 20 years. He started at Durbanville in a playing capacity representing the First Team. He then took over the coaching of the Second Team where he guided them to league honours.

Currently John is a valuable member of the Over 45 squad and has always made himself available to referee as well as run the line for the Premier League home games. He served on the Committee for a number of years including a 3 year stint as Chairman. Life membership was bestowed on John at the end of the 2016 season.

We wish John every success in his new venture and look forward to his visits to Klazinga Park in the not too distant future. 

Goodbye will be sorely missed. 


New CTTFA requirements for Junior Registration

The Cape Town Tygerberg Football Association have issued additional requirements to complete the junior registration process.  

Our Registrations lady, Karin, requires the following , from ALL Parents, following a ruling by the CTTFA.

We need the CEMIS number of your Child, (this is the Admin number you will see on your Child's school report (if no report, please request from your School admin). We also need the name of the School, and the Grade. 

For children turning 12 and 17 this year, we require 2  ID size, colour photos.  

If we don't get the additional CEMIS information or photos, the CTTFA will not register our players and they will not be allowed to play.

We apologise for this late change in requirements for registration. 


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Logs : Group Division : A1 - Premier Division
2132572631 66
08-A1-Norway Parks261835632241 57
12-A1-Hellenic261565685315 51
06-A1-Edgemead G/W261628492821 50
13-A1-Rygersdal261241055532 36
01-A1-FN Rangers26961147452 33
02-A1-Sunningdale City2696114652-6 33
11-A1-Saxon Rovers268994064-24 33
07-A1-Wynberg st Johns2686124858-10 30
03-A1-Vasco da Gama2685134349-6 29
14-A1-Northpine United2677125366-13 28
05-A1-Fish Hoek2683153840-2 27
10-A1-Bellville City2661192446-22 19
09-A1-Camps Bay2645172554-29 9
Fixtures and Results : Group Division : A1 - Premier Division
2016/04/0215:4501-A1-FN Rangers0-104-A1-DurbanvilleFNB Staduim A 
2016/04/0915:4504-A1-Durbanville2-109-A1-Camps BayKlazinga Park A 
2016/04/1615:4510-A1-Bellville City1-404-A1-DurbanvillePP Smit Staduim A 
2016/04/2315:4504-A1-Durbanville1-006-A1-Edgemead GWKlazinga Park A 
2016/04/2715:4512-A1-Hellenic0-604-A1-DurbanvilleTygerhof Sports Complex 
2016/04/3015:4504-A1-Durbanville2-105-A1-Fish HoekKlazinga Park A 
2016/05/0215:4507-A1-Wynberg st Johns0-304-A1-DurbanvilleWynberg A 
2016/05/0715:0005-A1-Fish Hoek0-204-A1-DurbanvilleCup 1st Round 
2016/05/1415:4504-A1-Durbanville2-003-A1-Vasco da GamaKlazinga Park A 
2016/05/1720:3002-A1-Sunningdale City1-204-A1-DurbanvilleSunningdale A 
2016/05/2115:4504-A1-Durbanville3-013-A1-RygersdalKlazinga Park A 
2016/05/2815:4504-A1-Durbanville1-108-A1-Norway ParksKlazinga Park A 
2016/06/0415:4511-A1-Saxon Rovers2-204-A1-DurbanvilleMaitland A 
2016/06/1115:4504-A1-Durbanville2-114-A1-Northpine UnitedKlazinga Park A 
2016/06/1615:4504-A1-Durbanville2-101-A1-FN RangersKlazinga Park A 
2016/06/1815:4509-A1-Camps Bay2-204-A1-DurbanvilleCamps Bay A 
2016/06/2515:4504-A1-Durbanville1-010-A1-Bellville CityKlazinga Park A 
2016/07/0215:4506-A1-Edgemead GW1-204-A1-DurbanvilleEdgemead A 
2016/07/0916:0004-A1-Durbanville0-210-A1-Bellville CityCup Quarter-Final 
2016/07/1615:4504-A1-Durbanville1-312-A1-HellenicKlazinga Park A 
2016/07/2315:4505-A1-Fish Hoek1-204-A1-DurbanvilleFish Hoek A 
2016/07/3015:4504-A1-Durbanville1-307-A1-Wynberg st JohnsKlazinga Park A 
2016/08/0615:4503-A1-Vasco da Gama1-204-A1-DurbanvilleDa Gama Park A 
2016/08/0915:4504-A1-Durbanville2-102-A1-Sunningdale CityKlazinga Park A 
2016/08/2015:4513-A1-Rygersdal2-304-A1-DurbanvilleRygersdal A 
2016/08/2715:4508-A1-Norway Parks1-204-A1-DurbanvilleRoyal Road A 
2016/09/0315:4504-A1-Durbanville3-111-A1-Saxon RoversKlazinga Park A 
2016/09/1015:4514-A1-Northpine United1-304-A1-DurbanvilleCentral Park A 
= Indicates that a match report is linked to this result. Click the icon to view the match report.


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